Friday, December 2, 2011


Tonight we had a very relaxed and delicious dinner at Home Wine Kitchen in Maplewood. I really like the ambiance in this place; it's friendly, calm, and welcoming. Which does not mean that it is not lively. It's that too.

There's just something about the blackboard behind the bar with the wines by the glass listed on it-reds on the right, whites on the left signified by their logo, which is a house inside a circle, lighter for the whites, darker for the reds, that somehow pleased me visually. All the wines by the glass are the same price, $7.

Their menu changes weekly. You can sign up on their website to get it my email, which I recommend. The chef is Cassandra Vires and she is very talented. She is co-owner with Joshua Renbarger, who is the "wine guy", and he really knows his stuff. The combination of these two and their philosophy of asking you to come into their "Home", "Kitchen", "Wine Bar", really works.

Tonight Chuck had the White Mackerel made with saffron, lemon, gold potatoes that had been slightly smashed with their skins still on, white wine and herbs.  I had the Pork Fillet which consisted of two hearts of the pork chop wrapped in speck( bacon) fig, and white wine served with roasted Brussel Sprouts in balsamic vinegar. It was excellent.  The perfect Fall meal.

For dessert I chose Sea Salt Shortbread Biscuits with Fig Jam and Humboldt Fog Cheese and Black Walnuts. The combination was perfect, but it wasn't "sweet" so my Honey didn't much care for it.  i loved the cheese which is creamy and woodsy.

I recommend this place for all my friends to try.  They serve lunch as well and are closed on Tuesdays.
Take a look at their website for more information.

7322 Manchester Road