Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Well, if you haven't tried THE LIBERTINE in Clayton you need to do so ASAP.  This is a real winner. The owners, which includes the chef, Josh Galliano, have done a great job remodeling the restaurant and creating a very exciting menu.
We have been delighted with our every visit. 
The concept is fresh and easy.  The menu is simple to understand but the food is extraordinary.  Here's the concept.
There are four columns.  One for Vegetable, one for Meat, one for Seafood, and one for Dessert. OK, you say, what's so different? What is so different is that most of these items are small plates and the selections under each are creative and delicious. Let me give you some examples.

Under Vegetables you have:

Illinois Asparagus with Black Garlic,Midwest Caviar, Fried Potatoes, Boiled Fried Egg

Scorched Twisted Peppers with Molasses Bacon, Cherry Tomato,  Opal Basil, Benne Seeds

Ash Roasted Carrots with Pea Cavatelli, Miso Carrot Puree, Dashi Broth, Radish

and that's less than half the Vegetable offerings.

Under Meat you have:

Crispy Pig Tails "Buffalo Style" Whipped Gorgonzola, Brown Butter Polenta

Diner Burger  Double Patty of Local Beef, Molasses Bacon, Caramelized Onions, Cheese "Whiz" on a Bacon Bun with Fried Mashed Potatoes

Three Little Birds a Trio of Roasted Game Hen, Chicken and Quail with Rice Grits, blistered Tomato, PattyPan and Fava Succotash

That's only 3 of the 9 items that were offered under Meat 

Under Seafood

She Crab Soup with Blue Crab Spring Roll, Sherry Pearls and Marash Chile

Frog Legs English Peas, Green Garlic Vichysoise, Fresh Hummus, Socca Flatbread

Deep Water Hake Gnudi Ricotta Dumpling, Artichoke Barigoule, Charred Cucumber, Caramelized Yogurt

See what I mean?


The Libertine Candy Bar Salted Caramel Semi-Freddo, Hazelnuts, Ganache, Chocolate Ganache

TCHO Chocolate sauce, Herb and Spring Flower Crumble,Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Basil Paper

This is what I've tried so far.  The Ash Carrots are fabulous. A carrot never tasted so new, so great. the Crispy Pigs Tails, don't be frightened about this-it's delicious, crunchy and yummy.  The Diner Burger does not have regular Cheese Whiz on it, it has a cheese that Josh has created and boy is it good.  The Three Little Birds is a gorgeous dish, beautiful and absolutely wonderful tasting.  My husband adores the She Crab Soup and orders it every time we go there. We used to live in Maryland and he thought that was the ONLY place to get good She Crab Soup until he tasted Josh's.  The Deep Water Hake, when it's available is a must.
I've never made it to Dessert, but that Candy Bar is calling to me.

You can be sure that the menu changes with the Seasons and availability plus on the second Sunday of every month Josh fries his famous chicken that is three days in preparation and is amazing; deep mahogany brown crisp, crisp crust with yummy mashed potatoes, and fresh corn. Oh boy!

Please do yourself a favor. Walk in to The Libertine and let them take care of you. The staff is great and the kitchen deserves many stars.

The Libertine
7927 Forsyth