Monday, July 26, 2010

Two Delightful Neighborhood Restaurants

My husband and I have had a date every Friday since he's retired to find charming and fun restaurants for lunch while we attempt to do the Friday New York Times' Crossword Puzzle (which is a "bear"!). Lately we have found two such places.

One is the Piccadilly at Manhattan 7201 Piccadilly 63143 314-646-0016. This is a family owned and operated establishment, very attractive with both indoor and outdoor dining. We had yummy fried chicken and meatloaf the day we were there, however the menu is varied and everything is home made.

The other is Mama Josephine's 4000 Shaw 63110 314-771-4001. Mary is the proprieter, Josephine is her mother, whose photograph is prominently displayed on the restaurant's wall. Mary has reproduced her mother's recipes. Josephine was some good cook, and so is Mary. This is a real neighborhood place and to encourage that, Mary has asked her neighbors to submit their favorite family dessert and if it is a hit with her patrons it goes on the menu. The day we were there we had lemon chess pie and fresh peach cobbler. Yum.

Both of these eateries are charming and serve delicious down home food. We recommend them to you. We are lucky to have these two terrific restaurants in St Louis.


  1. Thanks for providing the links!

  2. Congratulations Boo! The blog looks terrific and I will check back with you often.

  3. Hi Boo..
    Great Blog from a Great Foodie!!
    Hope to see you soon... in fact.. any time you need a "buddy" to dine with.. let me know!!

    Marianne (Moore)