Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rue Lafayette Cafe' and Boutique

Yesterday was one of those gorgeous Fall days we've been having lately: blue, blue skies, warm temperatures, plus the maples have finally turned brilliant colors. How can you beat it?

My friend, Peggy and I decided to try this cafe' on the edge of Lafayette Park. It was the perfect day to take advantage of this glorious weather by having lunch outdoors at Rue Lafayette Cafe' 2026 Lafayette Ave. that overlooks the gazebo in Lafayette Park.

We had a delightful experience, not to mention a very good lunch.

We both chose the same lunch; Homemade Chicken Salad on a fresh Ciabbata Roll.  It came with a side of delicious Potato Salad.  The chicken salad was unlike any I've had.  It had pimientos, herbs, eggs, and a wonderful dressing.  The potato salad was also unique with a mustardy dressing, herbs, bacon; really, really good.  The portions are generous.  Peggy and I both commented that we should have shared our sandwich.

The menu is small and changes often, so there's no menu per se, but next to the register that is behind a case of delicious looking ( and sounding!) sweets, where you place your order, is what looks like little rectangles of paper with what is available that day.  We had our choice of a quiche and a pulled pork sandwich besides the chicken salad. There was also a pomegranate green iced tea available that they refill at no extra cost. Since it was a warm day there was no soup available, but it will reappear with the cooler temperatures, we were assured.

There's a big board on one wall that lists their coffee drinks. The coffee is wonderful. It's Caffe' Trieste, North Beach Blend from San Francisco.  It's full bodied yet mellow, a great combination.

We met and talked to the beautiful owner, Araceli Kopiloff-Zimmer, who comes from Uruguay, and her son, Pablo, who is the chef. They have traveled all over the world.  Araceli is a fashion designer who used to work for  Levi-Strauss in San Francisco and her job made international foodies out of them.  
So much so that they import Chocolate Croissants from Paris which they finish baking and glazing in the cafe' and serve warm. Yum!

We asked her what brought them to St Louis.  She came here to work for Macy's, met her future husband here, who is a St Louis native, and they moved into the Lafayette Square neighborhood which they love it.

What they have created here with very good food and a charming, eclectic shop, is a treasure.  Be sure to meet them both and hear their great stories. It will only add to your enjoyment of this delightful place.

Rue Lafayette Cafe' and Boutique

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