Thursday, July 7, 2011

half & half

It's been a while since I've entered anything on this blog. Primarily it was because we were repeating some of our favorites and secondly it was because I was not inspired to recommend some of the new places we tried during this period.

However, I now have a suggestion for a new place in Clayton that deserves your patronage. Today, Chuck and I went to half & half  ( yes, all lower case letters) on Maryland Avenue in downtown Clayton that took The Best of Everything space in the colonial strip east of Forsyth.

It's owned by Michael Randolph, the chef who also owns The Good Pie.  half & half serves breakfast and lunch from 7AM to 2:30PM Tuesday through Friday, and 8AM to 2:30PM Saturday and Sunday.

We started with the Donuts which were absolutely yummy. Hot, crisp on the outside they reminded me of the beignets in New Orleans. What a way to start the day. They are served in a big coffee cup, and there's about 4-5 in every order.

I chose the Brussels Sprout and Cheddar Omelet, mostly because I was curious to see what it would be like. It was perfectly cooked, with some moisture to the eggs and cheese that was oozing from the first forkful. I opted for the fruit instead of the potatoes that come with the omelet.
Chuck ordered the Fried Chicken Livers. If your heart will take it, that's a real winner! Everyone around us wanted o know what it was as it was placed in front of my Honey. The livers come piled up over roasted potatoes then all of that is piled even higher with French Fried Onions, Caper Aioli Sauce is drizzled over the top, plus a perfectly cooked fried egg. It's a meal and then some, but absolutely delicious.

The breakfast menu has Granola, Oven Baked Oatmeal, Pancakes two different ways, French Toast two different ways, and at least 10 egg dishes, all of which looked fabulous.

The Lunch menu has 4 different Salads, and a bunch of great looking Sandwiches, plus a "rotating coffee menu...offering two seasonal coffees in a variety of hand-crafted styles". 

The Brunch Menu on the weekends features fresh, seasonal ingredients and every time I've passed by there on a weekend, the place is jammed, inside and out.

This place is a keeper. Stop by and try your favorites. You won't be sorry.

half & half
8135 Maryland Ave.

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