Sunday, September 18, 2011

Observations and Recommendations in Washington DC

Well, I more or less took the summer off. Our grandchildren from Philadelphia were visiting and I wanted to give them my undivided attention, plus, their idea of eating out is Steak n Shake, and I figured everyone knows about that already.

In August, Chuck and I went East to our family's annual Crab Feast. We then went to Washington DC for a few days and I'd like to recommend the following places to eat, should the DC area be in your future.

The Source 575 Pennsylvania Ave 202-637-6100
              Right around the corner from the NEWSEUM ( a definite go-to museum! ) The Source is very attractive plus the menu is excellent. Recommended dishes are: Spicy Tuna Tartarein a Sesame Miso Cone,with Pickled Ginger and Shaved Bonito.  Crystal Garlic Chive Dumplings, Chinese Mustard Sauce, Chili Garlic Sauce.  Scallop and Shrimp Shu Mai, Shanghai Crry Lobster-Uni Emulsion.

Cityzen 1330 Maryland Avenue SW Mandarin Oriental 202-787-6006
                The chef, Eric Ziebpld, was Thomas Keller's souchef and opened Per Se in New York City. You can immediately recognize his devotion to perfection. The food is precise, imaginative, gorgeous and delicious. There's a choice between a 4 or 6 course menu, and since it changes every day, check in with them. You won't be sorry.

America Eats Tavern   405 Eighth Street 202-393-0812
          Hurry, this is a pop-up restaurant set up by the great chef, Jose' Andres, to compliment the "What's Cooking, Uncle Sam" exhibit at The National Archives Museum, which is scheduled to close on January 3,2012.  The chef and his team have recreated historic American dishes in a 21st century form that is absolutely delighful and delicious.  Recommended dishes: Cold Peanut Soup, Abalone, Short Ribs with Coleslaw.  Kentucky Burgoo with Rabbit, Squab and Lamb. Shrimp and Pork Jambalaya. Bison Tomahawk Steak with Cheddar mashed Potatoes, Catsup and Pickles.

Jaleos   480 Seventh Street 202-628-7949

 Terrific tapas restaurant with a joyful atmosphere, a friendly staff, and really good Spanish wines. Check out their website.

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