Monday, October 20, 2014

Old Standard Fried Chicken

Last night we went to the newest Ben Poremba creation a fried chicken emporium in the Botanical Heights neighborhood just north of his Olio, Elaia, and La Patisserie Chouquette. I was opening night and it was delightful.

The restaurant has unpainted wood throughout. There's booths and tables,  picture of Abe Lincoln greets you at the door. The atmosphere is welcoming and fun.

The menu is all about fried chicken, natch, and its go-withs. Here's some we tried. For starters we chose Charlotte's Mother's Dressed Eggs. These turned out to be deviled eggs with rings of tiny peppers and tiny sliced pickles. We also had the Fries with Blue Cheese Mayonnaise for Dippin'. The fries were really good, thin, crispy and hot,  plus there was also catsup and hot sauce besides the blue cheese mayo. A real winner.
We also ordered the bread basket that came with two kinds of biscuits and two kinds of cornbread. With that you can mix and match several flavored butters and jellies. We chose the Lemon-Honey and Pistachio-Mint butters and Grape Jelly.

We also had the Watermelon Salad made of whole baby romaine leaves, watermelon and jalapeƱo peppers, it was terrific, and the Tomato and Cucumber Salad, which had a selection of different colored heirloom tomatoes, and small cucumber, which went really well with the chicken. Speaking of chicken, that's what you come here for and it is really GOOD.

You can order the fried chicken ALA CARTE ( thigh,1/2 breast, leg), HALF ( thigh,breast,leg and wing), or WHOLE ( 2 thighs,2 breasts, 2 legs, 2 wings). We opted for ALA Carte, legs and thighs, which are $4 each. Very affordable.

The chicken is mahogany brown and crunchy, just right. The chickens according to the menu are from Miller Poultry, a small, family owned company from Indiana, which have been raised in the most humane manner, fed an all vegetable drug free diet and are hormone and antibiotic free.

There were lots of sides we didn't try but there's always next time.  Also ditto for the desserts, which promise to be delicious.

So take a look at their website to see the whole menu. You won't be sorry.

Old Standard Fried Chicken
1621 Tower Grove Ave

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