Monday, August 23, 2010

Stellina Pasta Cafe

Last Friday my husband and I tried Stellina Pasta Cafe for lunch.  Years ago when the Clayton Farmers' market was on Central Ave between Forsyth and Maryland, Stellina had a booth there and I loved his pasta.  It was always fresh tasting with fascinating fillings.  Now he is located at 3342 Watson Rd. near Fyler.  All the pasta is handcrafted and it shows in the flavor and texture.

However, Stellina has other selections on its menu so we decided to try something new.  I am into salads, big time these hot summer days, so I ordered the BIG SALAD, which consists of romaine,spinach,cucumber,red onion,carrots, turkey,ham,bacon,white cheddar,sunflower sprouts,and a sweet onion dressing.  It was a fabulous salad, and so beautiful. Every component was delicious in its own right. It came with grilled bread and made for a perfect lunch.

My husband chose the HOG WILD sandwich. A great combination of shaved ham, bacon,granny smith apple, white cheddar,sweet hot mustard on a peasant bread and grilled.  He loved it.  It came with a homemade slaw that was crunchy and creamy with a touch of sweetness.

Stellina has been touted for its SOUTH SIDE SMOKE  sandwich; pulled pork with caramelized onions, smoked gouda cheese on a sea salt ciabatta.  It looked awesome.

By all means you must try this restaurant for lunch as well as dinner.  Naturally, the dinner menu has more formal entrees and I read somewhere that their wine selections are wonderful and they run specials on them from Tuesday through Thursdays.  Give Stellinas a try-soon!

Stellinas Pasta Cafe
3342 Watson Rd

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