Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Terrace View

Last night was one of those rare, beautiful evenings when the temperature was perfect, there was a soft breeze, and we had a glorious view of the City Garden. It doesn't get much better than that.  This little jewel of a restaurant is a lovely spot day or night.
Jimmy Fiala and his chefs have created an oasis of excellent dining in downtown St. Louis. The menu offers all one could want if you're looking for fresh, local foods in reasonable portions for moderate prices. And who isn't?

Last night I chose thin slices of white raw tuna, dressed in lemon and olive oil with a collection of tiny red and yellow cherry tomatoes.  The tuna was delectable and the olive oil was of very high quality. It was simple and utterly delicious with tiny bits of a local yellow watermelon to give it a sweetness and texture that contrasted well with the tuna.  I followed that with scallops with a tomato and basil salad.  The scallops were crispy brown top and bottom and served on individual pieces of thick smoked bacon.  The textures and the flavors were perfect, with the tomato salad giving the whole a sweet, acidic flavor that enhanced the entire dish.
One of our friends had the gnudi, that I can only describe as a pasta that literally melts in your mouth. You must try it.

We chose a dessert called "Monkey Bread" and it was the best bread-type pudding, ever; dense, sweet and buttery.

The menu changes often with the offerings of the farms around this region.  We are so blessed to have a restaurant of this quality and moderately priced in our city that overlooks the lovely City Garden, Gateway Foundation's amazing and beautiful gift to all of us.

The Terrace View
810 Chestnut Street

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