Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Saturday night, that incredible snowy evening when everything was covered in what looked like white cotton, we went to one of our very favorite spots for dinner, The Crossing.

It was a great choice. The valet took care of our car and we were welcomed as we came in the door by the owner and chef, Jimmy Fiala, but whether he is at the door or not, the welcome there is always warm and heartfelt.  We had a cozy table where we could visit with our friends and even though the restaurant was completely full it was not noisy.

Happily the warm Blue Cheese Souffle' was awaiting us as we sat down. I do love that yummy spread with the homemade toasts that are just the perfect size and crunch.

We started with salads. My Honey and one of our friends had the famous Crossing Beet Salad which consists of Diced Beets with Goat Cheese, Mascarpone Cheese, Shallots and Sherry. The other salad was a feature on the tasting menu; Organic Mixed Greens with Apple, Lemon, Truffle Oil, and Honey. It was a winner.

Three of us had a combination of the Special Fish of the Day and the Wooly Pig Duo. If you've kept up with this blog, you know that the last time I reviewed The Crossing, Chef Fiala had given me a taste of the Wooly Pig and I vowed to have it as an entree' the next time I had the opportunity. Tonight was the night!

The special fish of the day was truly special. It was Columbia River Sturgeon from the Pacific Northwest. It was served over a Parmesan Risotto Cake with Wilted Italian Dandelion Greens and Lemon Velute. The Wooly Pig is described on the menu as Mangalista Rib Loin, Porchetta, with Glazed Carrots and Parsnips. Wow, it was a perfect combination.

My husband had the Tagliatelle, Grass Fed Beef Ragu alla Bolognese and cleaned his plate. He rounded it off with the Warm Chocolate Torte.

I love this restaurant. whether you are looking for a simple meal or are having a special occasion both are possible at this fine restaurant. You can order from the a la carte menu or one of the three tasting menus. All you could possibly want is here.

The Crossing
7823 Forsyth

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