Saturday, March 19, 2011

Farmhaus Restaurant

Yes, we went back again to this charming, tiny restaurant that continues to create wonderfully fresh flavors and surprises.

We just took a chance tonight and showed up at their doorstep. The restaurant was filled but since there were just two of us and we didn't mind a wait, we were eventually seated at the bar for dinner, which suited us just fine.

We were both in a seafood frame of mind so my Honey had Escolar that was Poached with Butter and Dill and served with Grilled Blue Prawns and Roasted Wax Beans.  I had Mahi Mahi, 
Blackened in Cast Iron, on top of Spoon Bread with a Pickled Radish Salad. Our dinners were excellent; imaginative, delicious and perfect. Then we ordered dessert.

Katie Fitzgerald is the pastry chef at the Farmhaus and she does an amazing job. I had the Pecan Financier Cake with Coffee Ice Cream, Shaved Chocolate, Candied Pecans and Pecan Brittle.  It was amazing. Talk about textures, sweet and salty, cold and hot; it had them all.

Chuck had the Fried Apple Pie with Caramel Ice Cream.  I think he's had it every time we've been there this season. He loves it.

As usual, the manager and all round major-domo, Eric Scholle, was there to explain the items on the menu, come up with the perfect wine, and make sure our experience was a good one.

The menu this Winter is full of delicious choices. Just think, the Equinox is coming next week and soon the fresh flavors of Spring will be reflected in Kevin Willmann's creations soon. I can hardly wait!

3257 Ivanhoe Avenue

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